30-second Advertisement - 3D Modeling

3D modeling & animation ⋅ video rendering & compositing

Vehicle Tires & Wheels Advertisement

A 30-second advertisement project for a morphing tire that can perform well in different terrains such as off-road and snow covered fields.

What I Learned

This project was a good experience to learn the complexity of 3D modeling and understanding how to optimize the models, textures, and lighting. Keep geometry as simple as possible and always look for ways to optimize further, to cut down the amount of memory required to handle the models. Reduce the numbers of polygons, lines, angles, and optimize the texture, lighting, and shadow. Create a model as realistic as possible, structure wise: every piece and part of the model, including ones that are not visible, should be properly modeled.

Roles Tools
⋅ 3D Modeling & Animation ⋅ Software: Maxon Cinema 4D
⋅ Texturing & Lighting ⋅ Software: Adobe After Effects
⋅ Video Rendering & Compositing

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